Sunday, 25 January 2015

"The Boxer's Dreams of Love" by Philip Boyle.

DAY 10

We received a copy of this title, from the author, in return for an honest review...


Eddie Brogan is worn out. A retired boxer working on the doors of nightclubs and bars but still dreaming of one last fight . A tough upbringing and years of being the fall guy in the ring have left him weary .The one good thing in his life is his on/off relationship with Edie , a club singer who dreams of bigger things . Edie has moved to Brighton and then Edinburgh  to try and make it, leaving Eddie in Dublin . A chance encounter for Eddie brings his whole world tumbling down forcing him to leave Dublin . What follows is a very dark story as Eddie searches for his soul mate Edie . Eddie appears cursed as nearly all who come in contact with him end up murdered . But who is causing this havoc and will Eddie ever find peace .

I found this novel to be a bit slow and dragged out in places but I will admit that I prefer a fast pace in my reading . However the book is very well written and Eddie's struggles are real and gritty . It shows how one incident can dramatically  change the direction of a person's life . The body count is high and I did wonder if some of this was necessary but it's not a gore fest by any means . Overall the book is well constructed and an assured debut novel. 

The Boxer's Dreams of Love is published by Vanguard Press and is available in paperback and ebook format.

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