Saturday, 25 April 2015

"The Lost Fairy" by Marian Broderick. Review by Endija, aged 8.

Review from Endija, aged 8.

With a new cover, by 'Design A Cover' competition winner, Shelagh-Jessica Gilbourne, from Millstreet, Co. Cork. 

What happens to the Christmas tree fairy who falls off her perch?
Flora the fairy reckons she is the most important part of Christmas and the most beautiful fairy ever! But Flora has heard worrying stories that some families put a star on the top of the tree. Can you image in it? A mere star! Flora makes sure to kick the star back down a few branches every time she sees it advancing up the tree.
But when Flora falls off the tree, the vain and selfish fairy has much to learn before she can regain her rightful place on the Christmas tree.  

I really liked this book and loved the pictures.

I also liked the way Flora was full of herself and she said " Some people have stars on top of trees instead of a fairy!".
 I liked all the names and that Lily the Little could hear Flora.  How amazing is that?

I recommend this book to my friends Kate and Katie.

The Lost Fairy is published by The O'Brien Press and is available in paperback.

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