Thursday, 21 May 2015

"The Lie" by C.L. Taylor

I received a copy of this via, for review purposes...

Jane has a nice settled life.  Living and working in the Welsh countryside has its benefits.  A job in the local animal sanctuary, a new boyfriend with great potential as a keeper and a peaceful existence overall.  However, she has been hiding the truth from everyone and an anonymous note may be the beginning of the end of her quiet days, as her secret comes back to haunt her. 
Five years previously,  a different world,  a  different circle of friends and a summer of change. 
 A girls holiday,  a right of  passage that most young women enjoy before settling down and having kids.  Sun, adventure and escapism.  What could go wrong?  What, indeed...

C.L. Taylor has taken the concept of a girls trip and twisted it on its axis, bringing the reader on a journey to hell.  Jane and her three girlfriends decide to escape their humdrum lives (and a recent heartbreak) to Nepal, with expectations of luxury spa treatments, trekking up mountains and a safari finale.  The planning is quickly arranged, finances sorted and off they go.  Lazing around the pool, lizard watching, having a few beers and laughing til their bellies ache.  The sun beats down and the girls begin to unwind.  Unfortunately, tensions build at break neck speed and the atmosphere becomes icy, despite the heat.  Things take an even darker twist when the girl hike up a mountain to stay at a commune for meditation and massage.  There is a sinister aura and friendships are tested to the extreme.  Lies, deceit and disappearances replace the plans for retreat and relaxation.  Just who can be trusted?  Will everyone make it back down the mountain in one piece? 

This is my favourite thriller of the year, so far!  I read it in one day and completely ignored my family for the duration.  (No need to call social services, my husband had the day off). A psychological thriller to rival The Girl on The Train, this is a cracker of a novel.  From the beginning, the reader is aware that Jane has a secret, one that is serious enough to warrant a change of name.  Usually this is where authors head down the abusive husband/missing child/whacko relative past, but this book leads us on an exotic journey into the minds and actions of some seriously damaged souls.  As Taylor peels back the layers from her characters, teasingly switching time frames, there is a real need to read 'just one more page'.  Four very different girls, Emma, Daisy, Leanne and Al make for a wonderful mixture of personalities and the friction between them increases as the trip becomes a dangerous, disaster zone.  The author writes with fantastic insight into her character's minds and produces a flawless, dark tale which hooks the reader from page one.  Not too long, or too short, with great pacing, this is a must read for fans of a cracking good thriller.  Thankfully, the tagline does not read 'For fans of Gone Girl' which is my pet hate, due to over-use, but I am sure there will be many novels, to follow this one, which will have 'For fans of The Lie' sprawled across the front.  Sure to linger on bestseller lists for the foreseeable future...

The Lie is published by Avon Books and is available in paperback and ebook format


  1. Loved your review! As soon as I've read all the books I've promised to read for various things, THIS will be top of the list. Loved the comment re social services!

  2. I'll be doing a giveaway tomorrow for a PB copy of The Lie. It's open INT, so get entering. I seriously ignored everyone in house ( 6 of us ) the day I read it! No children were harmed in the making of this review ;)

  3. Wonderful review and thanks for the giveaway :-)

  4. I'm currently reading Unrelenting Nightmare by Stan Yocum, which is very intriguing :-)


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