Sunday, 7 June 2015

"Girls On Tour" by Nicola Doherty

Many thanks to for supplying a review copy of this title (which I proceeded to leave on an aircraft, but that's another story)...

Poppy, Lily, Maggie and Rachel.  Four girls, some attached, some not. All seemingly content with their lot but open to suggestions.  The girls are young, ambitious and game for a laugh.  Five different trips abroad and each character gets individual attention, culminating in a grand reunion in Manhattan.  There is Poppy in Paris, Lily in LA, Maggie in Meribel and Rachel in Rome.  Great food, fancy drinks, fashion galore and some romance thrown in.  All the right ingredients for a fantastic summer read...

Originally written as separate ebook novellas, this book combines the stories of the four girls, linking them seamlessly into a complete package.  Nicola Doherty has written the ideal sunlounger book, and I speak from experience!  On a recent short break, I was instantly transported to the light and humorous world of these four friends.  Paris came to life with less emphasis on its culture and more on the atmosphere, LA dripped with its golden, perfectly toned residents, Meribel sparkled with its off-piste antics and Rome zipped by like a vespa through its historical streets.  The stories are light, fun-filled and ideal for a lazy day by the sea.  No extra thinking is required and the pages practically turn themselves.  The characters vary enough to lend a realistic feel to their journeys and there are plenty of laughs.  As the girls left each destination, I felt I was also leaving.  A great way to travel, without the expense!  If you have a holiday booked, add this to your shopping list.  It should be on a shelf right beside the sun creams, in my opinion...

Perfect for fans of  Sophie Kinsella, Niamh Greene and Fiona Gibson.

Girls On Tour is published by Headline Review and is available in paperback and ebook format.

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