Saturday, 25 July 2015

"I Want My Daddy" by Tracey Corderoy & Alison Edgson

We received a copy of this title in return for an honest review...

Little Arthur is full of imagination and dreams of being a Knight in his own castle.  It's hard when you're small though, and sometimes only a grown-ups help will do.  When things are not going Arthur's way, he calls in the big guns: Daddy!  His castle is repaired, a trip to the playground becomes and adventure and some hugs are the best medicine.  Arthur discovers that the real heroes are the ones who are there every day, not just the ones in fairy tales.

Using the beautiful illustrations of Alison Edgson, Tracey Corderoy brings the world of Arthur, the tiny mouse, to life in this fantastic picture book.  The colours and detail in the drawings are exquisite and while I did not have a pre-schooler to read this to, my older schoolkids got a real kick out of it.  There were plenty of oohs and aaaghs while they truned the page and they adored reading about Arthur's day.  The story is nice and simple and shows kids that Daddys can be around for fun times as well as Mammys.  The idea that Arthur looks to his father in times of need is a sweet concept and their hugs are guaranteed to make kids hug their parents nice and tightly when reading along with this charming book.

Sure to be a firm favourite at bedtime, and inspire some great castle-building in many gardens!

Ideal for ages 1-4.

I Want My Daddy is published by Little Tiger Press and is available in hardback, with the paperback published in September 2015.  

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