Wednesday, 1 July 2015

"Kitty Hawk and the tragedy of the RMS Titanic" by Iain Reading. Review by Mia, aged 11.

Review from Mia Madden, aged 11.

This is the forth book in the amazing Kitty Hawk Flying Detective Agency series.  In this one, Kitty is in Ireland, my country, and is opening the Wasabi Willy's Restaurant on Grafton Street, Dublin.  It's there where she meets a mysterious man called Andrew who wants her to solve a family mystery.  The mystery has been with his family since the crash of the Titanic, but they couldn't solve it.  The clues already found are an old newspaper clipping and a postcard with strange symbols on the back that don't relate to any languages.  How he expects her to solve it, Kitty doesn't know.  But then she spots something the family has not noticed for all that time and she understands.  This book takes her to Newgrange, Co. Louth, Belfast and London. 

This is a novel that doesn't fail to intrigue the reader.  Fascinating facts about the Titanic and Newgrange are featured also.  A book to encourage reading would be The Tragedy of the RMS Titanic. 
I loved this book because I learned things that I didn't know about the history of my surroundings.  It's one of Iain Readings best works and is my favourite Irish history book, even though it's in England aswell.  It's a great read for fans of historical fiction.
I recommend this book for ages 9+

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