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#IrishFictionFortnight - Day 13 - "Scarred" by Carolann Copland. Author Feature and Giveaway.

Thanks to the author, there is a PB edition of this title to giveaway as part of #IrishFictionFortnight.  Just enter via rafflecopter link below, and Good Luck!


Carolann has also spilled the beans on some of her favourite Irish authors (such a mean question to ask anyone, I know)!

Favourite Irish Author…s

When asked to point out my favourite Irish author, I was stumped. How is that possible? So forgive me for this but after thinking about it and changing my mind over and over, this was the only answer…
I love Sinead Moriarty for her spot on analysis of life. Favourite book: This Child of Mine.
I idolise Catherine Dunne for her ability to make you think, without showing life as happy and neat. Favourite book: The Way We Are Now.
I am indebted to Louise Phillips for introducing me to Crime reading and for making me shiver with every chapter of her novels.
I yearn for Roddy Doyle and his writing about the way we (The Irish) really are and for making me splutter with laughter and tears. Favourite book: The Guts.
The genres are quite different but that reflects the diversity of my reading material (and my own writing). All four are strong story tellers whose characters are shaken up with the narratives but who generally achieve redemption in the end… not always the way you expect them to. I wait with baited breath when any of these authors are about to drop a new novel and I also applaud all four novelists for their never ending support of other writers.


Time doesn't heal everything...

Rory Mc Gee is obsessed. The man who murdered his girlfriend, Maria Dooley, must be brought to justice.

Ex-IRA activist, now politician, Fergal O’ Gorman, is accused of murder on live television during elections, causing a media frenzy. Rory’s quest to expose the truth threatens to destroy the family he fought so hard to rebuild, and he’s dragging Maria’s daughter Shona Moran through the mire with him.

Rory needs to overcome the guilt he feels about letting Maria’s death go unpunished. In a story of buried love and exhumed hatred, revenge can only be achieved at a cost. But how much is Rory willing to pay?


From Dublin, Ireland; Carolann Copland has also lived in the Middle East and the United Kingdom. She writes between Dublin and Andalucia and is a mother of three children aged twelve, twenty-two and twenty-three.

As the founder of Carousel Creates Writers’ Centre, Carolann works with writers of all ages and lifestyles. She has a Bachelor of Education in English and Drama and has been a teacher for sixteen years.

Carolann is happiest when she is sharing her passion for reading and writing.

Scarred is her second novel, having previously published Summer Triangle with Emu Ink.


  1. Why you make our entries so easy, it's Summer Triangle

  2. Summer Triangle

  3. Carolann's first book is Summer Triangle.
    -Jocelyn H

  4. Summer Triangle


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