Sunday, 16 August 2015

"Pretty Baby" by Mary Kubica.

I received a copy of this title, from the publisher, in return for an honest review...

A cold, wet and miserable Chicago day.  Heidi is a busy working mother. Same train station, same routine.  But a young mother and baby catch her eye and she just cannot shake off the feeling that she should be doing something to help them.  One brief moment on a platform may change her life forever.  But will her good intentions be her downfall?

Mary Kubica strormed into the bestseller charts, last year, with her debut novel The Good Girl.  I was lucky enough to be an early reader of that title and was shocked to learn it was her first novel, such was the quality if the writing.  You can read my review of The Good Girl here.  The author has yet again produced a page-turner to hook the reader from page one, with this latest offering, Pretty Baby.

  Heidi is a warm-hearted woman, who takes care of refugees in her working life and is a wife and mother of a twelve year old daughter.  She has battled cancer. come out the other side and is fearless in her quest to make the world a better place.  Her husband adores her, but is working long hours to keep the family living in comfort in their midtown apartment.  Their daughter, Zoe, is approaching puberty and has the mood swings to match.  When Heidi sees the teenage stranger, soaked to the skin and cradling her baby awkwardly, she cannot shake the image.  Her insides ache and she feels drawn to the desperate situation.  Despite her family's obvious discomfort, she offers Willow and her baby, Ruby, a roof over their head.  But why will she not inform the authorites?  Why does she not tell her best friend or her neighbour about her temporary lodger?  Who is Willow running away from and why are her clothes stained with blood?

Mary Kubica has created a character who is genuinely a nice lady.  A do-gooder, who sees her place in the world as an aide to better the lives of others.  Do her family have to suffer as she crusades on behalf of others?  Her husband, Chris, has the patience of a saint and lets his wife take the lead in their personal life, while he earns the big salary.  A slave to work, with an attractive female co-worker, he balances out Heidi's earth-mother role.  Their daughter is spoiled and fairly demanding for a girl of her years, and you could see why Heidi would have fond memories of her infant years, rather than her current ones.  Willow is intriguing from the get-go.  She is secretive, insular and obviously afraid.  She is afraid of thunder, loud noises and is distrustful.  The reader is treated her to her back story from the beginning so know her reasons, but Heidi and her family have no idea.  Different chapters are narrated by Willow, Heidi and Chris, leading to an unravelling story which keeps you gripped to the end.  A psychological thriller which explores motherhood, lack of trust, inferiority issues and the inner workings of the mind.  A gripping read, fantastical in its concept, but a thrilling ride all the same...

Ideal for fans of The Girl on the Train

Pretty Baby is published by Mira on 13th Aug 2015, with the kindle version currently available on Amazon.

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  1. oh , I like the sound of this, I have the good girl on my kindle already, will be adding this now!


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