Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Book Review: 'The Midnight Carnival' by Erika McGann. Review from Mia, aged 12.

Review from Mia Madden, aged 12.

This book is the thrilling fourth installment in The Demon Notebook series, from Erika McGann.  This time, Grace and her friends come across a carnival in the park with no posters or flyers to tell them about it.  The girls take a liking to  it and go there every evening.  They meet a bearded ballerina called Justine, lizard-skinned Drake and strong-woman Agata, who make good friends with the young witches.  But Adie soon gets over it and tries to contact her buddies from Hy-Breasel (in the last book).  She ends up bringing home a faery that seems impossible to beat.  So, she goes to Bob (also known as the mirror man from book 2).  Back at the carnival, Jenny gets kicked out of magic class and decides to train with Agata.  Grace soon finds out there's an evil spell keeping the carnival going and Justine asks the witches' help to find an ancient straw doll that's supposedly keeping the acts alive.  Will the girls find the doll and will Adie get rid of the faery?

Like every one of Erika McGann's books, I loved this one.  My favourite character is Una because she's the funny one of the group and her catchphrase, which is 'fudgeballs', is hilarious.  With loads of twists and turns in it, I just couldn't predict what was going to happen next.  I love Erika's writing so much, that Erika is my Confirmation name!  Five stars for this one...

I recommend this book for ages 9+.

The Midnight Carnival is published by The O'Brien Press and is available in paperback and ebook format.  You can get your copy, with Free Worldwide Postage, here.  The ebook can be ordered via amazon link below:

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