Wednesday, 23 September 2015

'DC Super Heroes Origami' by John Montroll.

Thanks to Curious Fox and for sending a review copy of this title...

We have a real mix of age groups in Bleach House, so when we were offered a chance to review this new title from Curious Fox, we jumped at the chance.  First, let me show you the book trailer:

So far so good, right?  Mia, who is 12 years old, was especially excited when this book arrived, as she is DC Super Heroes CRAZY!  It wasn't long before she began her first attempt at origami.  Unfortunately, she did this while leaning on a book, in bed.  Not the greatest location, but she gave it a lash and here are her results:

Not bad, for a first attempt.  Next up, my 25 year old was given the task of making a Wonder Woman wrist band when Mia went for a sleepover at her house.  A kitchen table was used this time, and the results were entertaining:

Some more projects were attempted by Mia, some were pretty amazing, some not so much so.  However, one thing is for sure.  There were HOURS of entertainment involved, and still more pages left to tackle.  This book would make the ideal present for any DC Superheroes fan, or even just for someone who likes create things.  A steady hand is a bonus, but plenty of giggles are guaranteed.   Perfect for Christmas!!!
 Check out this video, for how it SHOULD be done (but more fun watching your family members concentrate, with their tongues sticking out):   

DC Super Heroes Origami is published by Curious Fox and is available in paperback.  You can get your copy, with Free Worldwide Postage and 17% discount, here.  

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