Sunday, 4 October 2015

Children's Picture Book Review: 'A Dublin Fairytale' by Nicola Colton.

We received a copy of this title, for review purposes, from The O'Brien Press...

Fiona has been given the task of taking some 'special witches brew' to her sick Granny.  With a map of Dublin in hand, she sets off through the capital's streets.  She passes the duck pond in St. Stephen's Green, scoots by Trinity College of Sorcery and encounters a Troll at the Ha'penny Bridge.  Although she is afraid, she remains brave and even befriends a dragon at The Spire.  The Magic Market, at Moore Street is full of wonder and amazement, until Fiona's basket is stolen by the Big Bag Wolf.  But she finds herself surrounded by new friends and even invites them to her Granny's house.  The little girl, in the red raincoat, shows young readers around the wonderful city of Dublin, while the story of  Red Riding Hood is re-told in an enchanting way.

This is a completely delightful picture book.  The pictures are full of colour and show off Dublin's best known landmarks, in all their glory.  Parents and teachers will be more than happy to read this sweet book to their children and pupils alike.  The illustrations alone make this one of my all-time favourite children's books.  This would make an ideal Christmas gift for anyone with Irish roots (I know my family abroad will love this, especially with Free Worldwide Postage) or just for any grandparents who love to sneak a bit of history in to their story-time sessions. Even just for parents who know and love Dublin.  It may inspire a trip to the city, with time to feed the ducks in St. Stephen's Green, or a wander through the grounds of Trinity College.  This story-book will fill the imagination of both children and adults alike.  An sublime debut, which should be added to all children's bookshelves...

A Dublin Fairytale is published by The O'Brien Press and is available in hardback and can be ordered, with Free Worldwide Postage and 10% discount, here. 

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