Sunday, 6 December 2015

Book Review - Behind Closed Doors by B.A. Paris. Pub 11 Feb 2016.

I received an ARC of this title, from the publishers, for review purposes...

The Perfect Couple.  We all know one, right?  The beautiful, adoring wife.  The handsome and successful husband.  A home straight from the pages of a magazine.  A life we are supposed to aspire to.  But, sometimes there is just something not quite right with the picture.  An uneasy feeling perhaps?  A random stray thought entering our minds?  What is it really like behind their closed doors?  Is it all rosy in the garden or are there shades of grey mixed in with all the light beaming down from their happiness?

Jack and Grace are one such perfect couple.  He, a prominent lawyer, is a voice for victims of domestic abuse and an enigmatic, charismatic addition to any party.  She, a stay at home wife, is the epitome of elegance, always immaculately turned out, standing proudly at her husbands side.  Although they have no children they plan on becoming full-time guardians of Grace's sister, Millie, who lives in a care facility.  The family will be complete and their perfect life can only get better. Or can it?  One new member of their social circle has noticed that she can never seem to get Grace alone and she senses a tense undercurrent in the air.  Grace may appear to have it all, but something just doesn't seem right.  The doors to their beautiful home are firmly shut and their lives shrouded in abstract glory.  How long before someone cracks through the facade?

This a debut to die for.  Although not published until Spring 2016, it is well worth pre-ordering and devouring on publication day.  B.A. Paris uses clever techniques and skillful writing to bring us into the pastel-perfect world of Grace and Jack.  One where white, well pressed clothing can be practical, houses are to be admired rather than lived in and appearances are not always what they seem..  The tension builds up from the very first chapter, when we see Grace stuffing forbidden chocolates into her mouth while defiantly looking at her husband.  They are holding a dinner party for friends and the atmosphere is slightly off-kilter, although mostly unobserved by their guests.  Jack is obviously not what he seems and as the reader turns the pages, it is with great unease.  What will we discover?  Is Grace a victim of circumstance or has Jack just chosen the wrong kind of wife?  How can anyone maintain such a perfect lifestyle without cracking up?  Why are only some of the rooms in their house available to view?  The questions keep building and the pages almost turn themselves.  I intended to read this book at my leisure as the publication date was in the distant future, but this grabbed me from page one and I devoured every thrilling paragraph.  This is a psychological thriller that would make every train journey, bus trip or lunchtime coffee break go at breakneck speed.  Just be careful you don't miss your stop, or forget to get back to work.  A highly addictive, top class debut from a chilling new voice in fiction.  This novel will have you examining those so-called perfect couples you know, and wondering what really does go on behind closed doors...

Highly Recommended. 

Behind Closed Doors will be published in paperback and ebook format by Harlequin Mira on 11 Feb 2016.  You can pre-order your copy from amazon link below:

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