Sunday, 17 January 2016

Book Review - "I'll Be Home For Christmas" by Roisin Meaney.

I finally grabbed a copy of this, after Christmas, and was delighted to plonk myself down by the fire and get my Christmas reading on...

Tilly is on a mission.  Onboard a flight halfway around the world, she is trying to find answers.  The questions have only just surfaced but time is not on her side.
Laura is in a dark place.  A recent illness has caused her life to change and she fears it will never be the same again.  Despite the love of her family, she struggles to wear a smile these days.  
Can the two strangers bring each other some comfort or is distance more than a measure of miles?

This is Roisin Meaney's twelfth female fiction title and her words are by no means drying up.  Although marketed as a Christmas book, this could be read at anytime of the year.  It is a novel of hope, the concept of family and new beginnings.  It tells the stories of two very different girls, yet with something in common.  They have had polar opposite lives, in vastly different countries, yet have both been hurt by the same man.  They may not realise it, but they could do with each other.  Tilly is lost and alone, with childlike innocence that she needs helps growing out of.  In contrast, Laura could do with some of her innocence back.  She has battled demons and is struggling to come out the other side.  The Irish author combines the two strong characters with a more abstract, geographical one: Roone, a small island off the coast of Ireland.  Here the reader learns that sometimes things happen for a reason, not always fathomable...

Roisin Meaney has a knack of bringing Ireland to life, even if it seems a bit cliché.  The ramblings of the islanders may seem extreme, but I have heard many a conversation similar in cities, as well as villages.  We Irish love to talk!  The sense of community is also realistic, as many have seen over the past few weeks during the floods in Ireland and the UK.  There is also a calm certainty to the relationships formed throughout the book.  There is no need for bells and whistles, or grand gestures of romance or thrills.  The everyday lives of the characters are more than enough.  We all know you can have Prosecco and Macaroons, but sometimes a fruit scone and a cup of tea is all you need.  Likewise with a good book.  No matter what the season is, the key is to sit down, relax and escape into another world for a bit.  Maybe with a scone and a cuppa on the side...

A lovely, warm read.  Ideal for fans of Freya North and Jane Greene.

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