Monday, 8 February 2016

Book Review - "Classic Irish Myths, Legends and Heroes" by Ann Carroll and Derry Dillon

We received a copy of this title, for review purposes, from Poolbeg Books...

Growing up in Ireland, Irish Myths and Legends are a big part of our lives.  From brave warriers to mystical Queens, we are taught of the heroic characters linked to Ireland and that have shaped our heritage, place-names and even our family names.  The Salmon of Knowledge, The Children of LĂ­r and Fionn MacCumhaill are the tales we can recite from memory and that have influenced many a scholar or hurler throughout the centuries.  Stories of St. Patrick, Newgrange and The Giant's Causeway are all factually based, with physical examples still in existence today, making the re-telling of these legends all the more powerful.  However,  for the purposes of this review, I thought I would ask a non-Irish resident for their un-biased opinion.  Librarian, Raquel Ruiz Cecconello, kindly offered to read this title and here are her thoughts:

Guest Review from Raquel Ruiz Cecconello

"What happened to the Children of Lir? How CĂșchulainn got his name? Why St. Patrick is the saint of Ireland? What happened in Newgrange? Ireland is full of heroes and myths. Every piece of land tells a story. Learn how they became heroes and how the legends were born.

Six short stories about the most popular heroes, myths and legends of Ireland. Some of the stories are well narrated, others are a little simplistic. The illustrations by Derry Dillon support effectively the narration of the legends."

Ideal for read-aloud sessions with children, or for early readers, this book is sure to be a firm favourite in any household.  Also perfect for the school library or for visiting grandchildren.  I am sure there are plenty of Niamhs, Grainnes and Finns who would be delighted to read about their namesakes...

Classic Irish Myths, Legends and Heroes is published by Poolbeg Books and is available in paperback.  
You can order your copy, with Free Worldwide Postage, here.  The title can also be ordered via amazon link below:

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