Friday, 19 February 2016

Book Review - "A Parcel For Anna Browne" by Miranda Dickinson.

Anna Browne is an ordinary girl, working an average 9-5 job, with no greater aspirations than getting from one weekend to the next.  She has a small and select group of friends and a love/hate relationship with her family.  When she starts receiving surprise parcels to her workplace, she is confused as to just who would send her these gifts.  The mystery soon becomes the talk of the office, which just happens to be a tabloid newspaper, bringing unforeseen attention to the relatively shy Anna.  Just who is sending her these well-thought-out presents and what is the senders motive?  

Miranda Dickinson is one of the UK's most beloved female-fiction writers.  She has a dedicated following and is wonderfully interactive with her readers online.  When this book came through my letterbox I was more than happy to escape into Anna's world and was soon sucked into the mystery of the anonymous parcels (whilst secretly wishing I could receive some similar post).  Anna is a warm and gentle character, with a troubled childhood that lingers, resulting in insecurity.  She has few friends, but the ones she have are genuine souls and can be trusted.  Reluctantly she informs them of the surprise parcels and together they try to decipher the identity of the sender.  There are comical moments to be had while the office workers come up with their own theories, whereas Anna takes a more pragmatic approach.  A wonderful, dizzy array of characters make this a story to raise your spirits.  Anna has the lovely balance of innocence and charm that is trademark to Miranda Dickinson's protagonists, and I feel we all know someone just like her.  She is deserved of a warm embrace, someone to love (and love her back) and a happy-ever-after.  As we say over here, "she hasn't a bad bone in her body".  But can the sender of these gifts be as genuine as Anna herself?  Are there reasons for the well-chosen items and their recipient?  As the wrapping unfolds, so does the story...

A light, yet thoughtful read with some laugh out loud moments and soul-searching storylines.  Miranda Dickinson is a voice to be heard and ideal for female fiction fans everywhere.  Ideal for readers of Claudia Carroll and Abby Clements. 

A Parcel For Anna Browne is published by Pan MacMillan and is available in paperback and ebook format.  You can order your copy, with Free Worldwide Postage, here.  The ebook can be ordered via amazon link below:

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