Thursday, 21 April 2016

Picture Book Review - "I Am Doodle Cat" by Kat Patrick and Lauren Marriott.

Big thanks to Molly from Scribe Publishing for sending this book for an honest review...

Doodle cat has learned to love.  He loves his pjs, he loves the ocean, adores small animals and is fascinated by maths.  He is beginning to share his love of absolutely everything around him, including farts! Most importantly, he loves himself. 

This wonderful picture book is an ideal way to show the under 4s just how amazing people, animals, nature and science are.  Doodle cat is a combination of clever words and dynamic graphics which is sure to be as much of a hit with the adults as it is with the kids...

Although the children in Bleach House are technically to old for this book, there was actually many,many giggles to be heard as they read aloud to each other.  The made the fart sound effects
(don't ALL kids love this?) and were highly amused by the items doodle cat uses to practice his maths.  We are a dog loving family, but doodle cat has all the characteristics of our crazy springer, Luna.  When doodle cat scratches the good rug and announces 'I Love This Rug', we all agreed it was just like our house.

The children had great fun with the two page spread where doodle cat declares his love for "difference". There are amazing drawings of cats who are all different shapes and sizes, all ages and with many distinguishing features.  Each child spotted something new and we can see how a small child would have great fun pointing these differences out to their parents, teacher or sibling.  

Beautifully produced, this is the kind of book that will be handed to an adult over and over again, with many hours of memories building up as the child learns to appreciate all the thing that they can love in the world.  Not just merchandise from the latest TVshow or recognizable branded cartoon heroes, but very real things and people.  Trees, stars, water, food, music and maths.  Most importantly, it opens discussion for these kids.  Discussion about how to love themselves and others...

All of us at Bleach House HIGHLY RECOMMEND this picture book, for the little ones in your life (or maybe just for yourself)!

I Am Doodle Cat is published by Scribe Publications and is available in Hardback.  You can order your copy, with Free Worldwide Postage and 10% discount, HERE, or via amazon link below:

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