Saturday, 13 August 2016

Book Review - 'The Privileged' by Emily Hourican.

I received a copy of this title, via, for review purposes.

Three girls, from three different backgrounds, become best friends in their exclusive school.  Stella is the middle-class bright spark, Laura is the only child of a bohemian artist and Amanda is the beautiful and lively offspring of New Money parents.  Although they have virtually nothing in common, the girls are inseparable, until the arrival of a cocky stranger at their end of term party...

Approaching adulthood is a little like jumping off a long pier and hoping for the best.  Stella, Laura and Amanda have never doubted that their friendship would withstand University and eventual careers.  As with most teenagers, they presumed that their bond was unbreakable.  There was always the chance that they would head in different directions when their jobs dictated, but none of them expected the change to occur before they had even finished college.  How did this all happen so fast?

This is a novel I found hard to categorize.  Not female fiction, not grip-lit, not psychological drama and not quite literary fiction.  There were definitely moments of all these genres within the pages of The Privileged, but then the moment was gone and a new chapter would change the course.  The writing is wonderful, full of heady atmosphere and genuine affection, and the story pulls you along at a nice, steady pace.  There was just something lacking, or perhaps the narrative was stretched out a bit too much.  There was an implication that one event was the catalyst of the girl's fallout, but really this was not the case.  They had nothing in common from the start and Amanda was never going to follow the paths that Stella and Laura would.  The drink, drugs and sex angle is nothing new and any tabloid paper could tell the real-life story of girls like Amanda.  Amy Winehouse, Paula Yates, or even as far back as Marilyn Monroe.  All of these women were damaged before meeting the men who would topple them over the edge.  Amanda was destined to fall.  It is just doubtful that her two friends would have remained her friend for as long as they did.  

An enjoyable read, with a leaning toward literary fiction, but just too long. The author's writing style is her strength and I look forward to reading book two...

The Privileged is published by Hachette Ireland and is available in PB and ebook format.  You can order your copy, with 15% discount and Free Worldwide Postage, HERE.  The ebook can be ordered via amazon link below:

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  1. You nailed it - my thoughts entirely. Enjoyed it, but thought there were actually three brilliant books in it. Each character deserved more flexing. And as for that MOTHER!!!


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