Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Blog Tour - 'My Sister's Bones' by Nuala Ellwood. Review and Giveaway.

I am thrilled to be kicking off the month long Blog Tour for #MySistersBones by Nuala Ellwood.  I also have a signed proof copy of the book to giveaway to one lucky reader.  Just enter via rafflecopter link below.  Good Luck! 

Journalist, Kate Rafter, has seen some horrific things and experienced life in war torn countries.  She returns to England after a particularly harrowing assignment in Syria and stays in her empty family home.  The memories of a difficult childhood come flooding back and she struggles to communicate with her alcoholic sister.  She hears screams at night and voices during the day.  Are they real or just a side-effect of her difficult memories?  The combination of grief, alcohol, medication and stress cause her to query her own sanity.  Why is she constantly hearing a child's voice calling out? Is there really something sinister going on in the house next door?

This book is split into two parts.  The first tells Kate's story, as she learns to doubt herself as much as what is going on around her.  A nasty break-up, a serious of drunken altercations and the memories of a cruel father and deceased baby brother.  All of these moments are forever playing in her mind as she returns to her hometown, reluctantly.  The second part is told from the perspective of her sister, Sally.  An alcoholic most of her life, she drinks to forget the past and avoid the future.  Her husband, Paul, is trying to mend fences between the estranged sisters and despite his wife's fragile state, he continues to support her.  

The tension in this debut novel is instantaneous and remains constant throughout.  The fractured memories from both narrators are vague enough to keep you guessing, yet are a constant feed for the unravelling story.  Alcohol is used to cast doubt on the characters lucidity and the unreliability of their memories add to the atmosphere.  Ellwood draws on the experiences of a seasoned journalist to throw light on the distressing situation in war-torn Syria and the effects it has on it's citizens.  The blending of past and present is extended with memories of both girl's childhoods and the domestic violence that both girls witnessed from different angles.  What one child remembers, another forgets. There are quite a few dream sequences, which I am not a huge fan of, but they add to the unreliablity factir.

This is a psychological thriller that deserves some attention.  Ripe for adaptation, the many threads all lead to a climatic ending that managed to surprise me. The characters are believable and the pages practically turn themselves.  When a book keeps you up long after bedtime, you know it's a success.  Definitely a thriller that will hold your attention and keep you guessing throughout.  Nuala Ellwood has produced a top-notch debut in a popular genre...

Nuala Ellwood is the daughter of an award-winning journalist. She was inspired by his experiences and those of foreign correspondents such as Marie Colvin and Martha Gellhorn to secure Arts Council funding for her research into PTSD for her debut psychological thriller MY SISTER’S BONES.

My Sister's Bones is published in ebook format on 1 Nov 2016 and in HB on 9 Feb 2017.  You can order your copy via amazon link below:


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