Saturday, 22 October 2016

Book Review and Giveaway - 'It Was Only Ever You' by Kate Kerrigan.

Thanks to the author, I have a signed copy of It Was Only Ever You to giveaway.  Just enter via rafflecopter link below.  Good Luck!

1950s Ireland.  Rose and Patrick have to hide their love for each other as they are from two different classes.  Patrick, a talented singer, heads for the bright lights of New York and Rose is devastated.In New York, Ava dreams of finding love in the dance halls of the Big Apple where she dances her way to happiness. Sheila, dreams of managing the biggest rock and roll acts in the USA and encounters the sexist world of the music industry.  The Emerald Ballroom is where New Yorkers go to dance their worries away.  Will it be enough for these young music lovers or will rocking around the clock lead to heartbreak?

From the author of The Dress, comes a tale of music, love and new beginnings.  Kate Kerrigan's eighth novel is alive with the sound of jazz, ballads and rock and roll.  1950s New York is awash with new talent and high fashion.  Women still dream of finding the perfect husband and men still get away with murder.  When Patrick leaves his family behind in Co. Mayo, he also leaves a part of his heart.  Rose is devastated and will do anything to find him.  Ava seems destined to marry a nice, sensible New Yorker and to bid farewell to the dance halls she loves.  Sheila grieves for the family she lost at Hitler's hands and struggles to find her place in the world.  The only thing that they all have in common is their love of music.  Told with melodic simplicity, their stories become intertwined in their quest for happiness.  But somewhere along the line, hearts will be broken.  

This is the ideal read for lovers of Historical Fiction and is perfectly timed for the Christmas market.  More suitable for an older audience, I would think, with it's gentle narrative and endearing characters.  The dance halls hop off the page, with their smoky dance floors, jiving customers and sassy staff.  You can almost hear the music and envision the ladies popping off to powder their noses. These women are living in a man's world yet are determined to make the most of it.  A classic love story with a musical twist.  Time to dust of your dancing shoes and grab the rouge...

It Was Only Ever You is published by Head of Zeus and is available in Hardback, TBP and ebook version.  You can order your copy, with 20% discount and Free Worldwide Postage, HERE.  The ebook can be ordered via amazon link below:

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