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Book Review - 'Lyrebird' by Cecelia Ahern.

Review originally appeared in Irish Independent Living, 7/11/2016

Love story with moral message

Fiction: Lyrebird, Cecelia Ahern, HarperCollins, €12.99

Margaret Madden

PUBLISHED07/11/2016 | 02:30

Cecelia Ahern2
Cecelia Ahern
A documentary crew discovers a young and beautiful woman on a remote farm in Cork. Laura has lived in an abandoned cottage for more than 10 years and the only person who knew of her existence is now dead.
Sound engineer Solomon is fascinated by her ability to mimic sounds, and compares her to the Australian lyrebird. She can invoke even the most buried feelings with her unusual gift, yet she struggles to identify with the real world.
Solomon is drawn to her simplistic nature and feels an overwhelming urge to protect her from outside influence.
It is not long before "Lyrebird" becomes a household name and she is surrounded by people wanting to exploit her unusual talent.
The reader gets a glimpse into the world of celebrity TV and its knock-on effects.
Irish show StarrQuest is similar to shows like Britain's Got Talent and The X Factor, where raw ability is "discovered" and the private becomes public. Laura is a diamond in the rough and without guidance she finds herself being eaten alive by a network of greed and insincerity.
Solomon is prevented from seeing her and can only watch from afar as she is transformed from her wild, form into a media-friendly celebrity. Can you tame something so rare and beautiful without damaging its true nature?
Cecelia Ahern has written a love story with a moral message. While not ground-breaking, and a little repetitive at times, it is sure to delight her millions of fans.

Article originally appeared in Sunday Indo Living on 7 November 2016.

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