Thursday, 8 December 2016

Book Review - 'The Drowning Child' by Alex Barclay.

Special Agent Ren Bryce is back and she brings her sassy-style to the small town of Tate, Oregon. A child has disappeared and the lakeside town is weighed down by strange circumstances.  Secrets are hidden and rumours are rife.  Ren has to discover what is fact and what is merely fiction. But is it too late for twelve-year-old Caleb Veir?

This is Alex Barclay's eight novel and the sixth featuring the memorable Ren Bryce.  She is sharp, witty and holds no prisoners.  She struggles to control her bipolar disorder and takes a different approach to life than most.  However, she is wired in such a way that makes her stand out from the regular fictional FBI agents.  Each book brings more depth to her character, yet they can be read as stand-alone novels too.  The story line in The Drowning Child is strong.  A missing child, an unstable family, a town full of secrets and lies.  Two more children have been lost and although their deaths were deemed accidental, there is something not quite right.  A drunken and disgraced former medical assistant has some information that he feeds to Ren in his sober moments.  Other residents of Tate are less forthcoming and the investigation feels a bit like pulling teeth.  Time is ticking away as Caleb remains missing.

Barclay never holds back.  She examines the darkness and depravity in all situations and throws some of the best left hooks in crime fiction. Ren Bryce is full of insecurities, doubts and fears yet manages to remain one of the brightest and insightful fictional characters in a difficult genre.  Readers are guaranteed a racy, chilling ride with some of the best one-liners and throw backs in the pages of any crime book.  Although Ren is a troubled soul, working in a male-dominated environment, she can rise to her expectations, and beyond, in her own unique way.  If you have yet to meet Ren Bryce, what are you waiting for? Dive in. You are about to experience the queen of sassy. and a bloody good crime thriller too...

The Drowning Child is published by Harper Collins and is available in TPB with the PB edition published on the 29th December 2016.  You can order your copy via amazon link below:

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