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Blog Tour: 'The One' by John Marrs. Review and Giveaway.

Thanks to Ebury and Dead Good Books, I have an ARC of The One to giveaway to one luck reader. To be in with a chance, just enter via rafflecopter link below.  Good Luck!

Scientists have discovered that each and every one of us has a gene which is shared with one other person. Our soulmate. Our perfect match. All you need is a simple DNA test to discover who you should be with.  Sending a swab off in an envelope is now the way to fulfill your destiny. But what happens if you are already with someone you love and care for deeply? Are you prepared to take the test, in the hope of proving you are already with your destined partner? Are you prepared to travel the world to meet your match? And are all soulmates as perfect as they seem?


The concept is simple. You sign up to a website which has millions of DNA results on its database. You provide a mouth swab, return it in a pre-paid envelope, and sit back and wait for the email which reveals your perfect match. The One.  What could go wrong?
Mandy has been matched and begins her research online. Finding his facebook profile gives her access to photos and details of his life and she is suitably impressed. So far, so good.
Jade chats with her match on a daily basis and her friends can't figure out why she can't just bite the bullet and travel the thousands of miles to meet him face-to-face. Can she pluck up the courage for such a journey?
Nick is engaged to be married and is more than content with his current partner.  She, however, wants him to take the test and confirm that they are indeed meant for each other. Nick is highly amused when he is matched with a man. There has obviously been a mix-up. Right?
Ellie is the founder of of the DNA-match website and is wealthy, powerful and determined. When she finds she herself has been matched, she wonders if she should take the plunge herself. She's not getting any younger and the evenings are quite lonely without that special someone. But how can she hide her identity when her face is so famous?
Christopher receives his email a few months after registering and thinks the timing might be just right. He is after getting away with murder, after all.

Five DNA matches; five stories. Each of the five are given equal space and the overall story moves along at a powerful pace.  The chapters are short, sharp and end with mini-cliffhangers. This is one of those books that has the reader gagging for more.  Definitely a 'just one more chapter' book, that sees you reading well into the night. I read it in one sitting and was completely lost in the craziness of DNA matching and all the moral, ethical and potential life-changing issues that could arise from its concept. The added tension of a serial killer at large was a bonus. The challenges that the killer encountered by meeting his match, whist in the middle of a killing spree, gave the character more depth and even likability.
  John Marrs has created a narrative that is frighteningly feasible and entirely compelling. By the end of this novel, you will definitely find yourself wondering if you would be the type to take the test, or not. This may be the most enjoyable thriller I have read in years. A complete page-turner, a razor-sharp concept and short, sharp, addictive chapters all make for an absolutely cracking psychological thriller.  Read it and let me know; would you take the test? 

The One is published in ebook format on 26th January 2017 and in paperback on 4th May 2017. You can order your copy via amazon link below:


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  2. The woman in cabin 10 by Ruth Ware.

  3. The Matched series by Ally Condie.

  4. Behind Closed Doors by BA Paris,really page-turner :)
    Would love to read The One,sounds fantastic! :)

  5. This sounds like a really interesting read.
    Lying in Wait by Liz Nugent was the last mystery/thriller I read.


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