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Blog Tour - 'Relativity' by Antonia Hayes. Review and Giveaway.

Thanks to Corsair Books, I have a copy of relativity to giveaway to one lucky reader. Enter via rafflecopter link below. Open INT. Good Luck! 

My Review

Twelve-year-old Ethan lives with his mother, Claire, and has never met his father. An unusually gifted child, he has no idea of the circumstances surrounding his fathers absence. When he discovers a letter from his father to Claire, it leads to a fascination and journey to discover just why his father left and how he can reunite the family. Using his unique scientific logic, Ethan believes he can re-visit the past and change the futures outcome. But the past is suddenly a scary place to visit and leaves many questions unanswered. Can he trust his father or did he really do what they say he did?

Claire is a woman trying to keep her son safe. Safe from bullies, safe from the harsh realities of traditional expectations and safe from the truth of his near-death experience as an infant. She gave her life as a ballerina to raise her child and each day is filled with protecting him and keep sane herself. When Mark lands back in their lives, she needs to examine her limited memories of the most horrific days of her life; a night of shock, fear and a nightmare dash to the hospital. What really happened that day? Would Mark really have hurt his own son, like they said he did? Has she ever really believed what the jury found him guilty of? What is the truth?

Antonia Hayes has written a story which will touch the hearts, souls and emotions of its readers. The divided family is riddled with uncertainty, lack of trust and fear of addressing the past. Ethan is a delightfully different child. His love of physics is introduced from the very start of the book and shows he is way beyond any other child of his age. He is socially awkward and has few friends. School is basically wasted on a child like Ethan. The love that Claire feels for Ethan is easy to feel and the author drip feeds information about the past, leading to the fateful day that saw the family divide. Beautifully descriptive and an emotional journey, this is a strong debut that deserves attention. Don't be put off by the first few pages, which are loaded with Ethan's attempts to understand the relativity between time and space. He is really just trying to find his own relativity to the world we live in. You will struggle to forget Ethan.  Sharp, astute and emotional, this is a highly recommend read.


Antonia Hayes, who grew up in Sydney and spent her twenties in Paris, currently lives in London with her husband and son. Relativity is her first novel.

Relativity is published by Corsair and is available in paperback and ebook format.
You can order your copy, with Free Worldwide Postage and 18% from The ebook can be ordered via amazon link below:

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