Sunday, 5 March 2017

Book Review - 'Gone Without A Trace' by Mary Torjussen.

Gone Without A Trace by Mary Torjussen

Hannah is on her way home to break some great news to her boyfriend, Matt. She is confident that she is about to be come the youngest director of her company and wants to celebrate. Problem is, there is no sign of Matt at their Merseyside home. She calls out for him, but there is no answer. The lights are all off and she senses something wrong. It is not long before she notices the complete absence of Matt's existence. No clothes, no computer, the huge TV and ipod dock is missing. All the books, cds, records that were his collection, they too are gone. Large framed pictures, a glass coffee table, even his headphones. The place could have been burgled, except all Hannah's old stuff was put in place of the missing items. Her old clunky TV, her ancient stereo and coffee table. What was going on?
She tries ringing Matt on her mobile but his name has disappeared from her contacts and all his messages have been deleted. She has no proof of him ever being part of her life. What the hell is going on?

When Hannah investigates her boyfriends disappearance, she fears he has been kidnapped. He has not been seen in work for weeks and they have no idea where he is now. The house has been stripped of every single sign of him and she fears the worst. Her friends try to reason with her. Maybe he left her? She does not believe he would do that without explaining himself, She calls on her pal Katie to help her through the madness and the girls try to figure out what the hell has happened.

As the story progresses, the taut lines of tension build up slowly and you find yourself metaphorically checking over your shoulder as you read through the uncomfortable and uncertain situations. You begin to doubt the reliability of Hannah, then her co-workers, then Kate. You start to doubt everyone and wonder just who knows what. There is something very strange going on, and you just keep flicking those pages to see what happens next 

This is a clever, cunning and multi-layered thriller, which will have you playing a guessing game right from the first chapter. The hairs raise on the back of Hannah's back as she enters her darkened house that fateful night, and so will yours. Torjussen has written a fine debut novel, full of twists, turns and shockers. I challenge you not to read in one or two sittings (dinner breaks allowed, for sustenance reasons) and close the last page without thinking 'Damn, that was good,' Tweet me @margaretbmadden with your thoughts.

Gone Without A Trace is published by Headline and is available in PB on 23rd March 2017 and is already available in ebook format. You can order your copy via amazon link below:


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