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Book Review: The Wives by Lauren Weisberger

***originally posted in Sunday Independent 29 July 2018***

Hard-nosed Emily steps in to save the reputation of ex-supermodel

Fiction: The Wives, Lauren Weisberger, Harper Collins, €15.99

The Wives by Lauren Weisberger1
The Wives by Lauren Weisberger
Margaret Madden
Emily Charlton, ex-assistant to fashion editor Miranda Priestly, is now in her 30s, running her own image-consultancy business to the stars.
Her days of pandering to the devil are over, yet now she faces a new problem. The millennial Snapchat generation is stepping on her territory and stealing her business: "Olivia Bell was twenty-six and gorgeous and popping up at every worthwhile party and event on both coasts. She was loud. And all over every social-media platform. And moving in on Emily's clients as if she owned the industry."
Emily is asked to help when Karolina, a former supermodel and now wife of a presidential candidate, is arrested for drink-driving and insists she was not drunk. Something is not right. Emily agrees to crisis-manage the situation. This requires a visit to the suburbs and the hard-nosed Emily is out of her comfort zone.
Karolina has side-stepped her modelling days and now devotes her time to minding her stepson while her husband races toward the White House.
When the women discover just how low Senator Hartwell has gone to discredit Karolina, they plan their revenge and are determined to do whatever it takes. Emily turns Karolina's scandal into a platform for re-invention. A more 'mumsy' haircut, complete wardrobe overhaul: "from her eight-thousand-dollar Hermes Kelly to a much more accessible Michael Kors tote. The supermodel had downgraded herself to something resembling normal".
Emily is now less sharp around the edges, but her fighting spirit is ever-present. Less Up-Lit and more Fun-Lit.
Bar the overuse of the word "asinine", I thoroughly enjoyed this. Real Housewives meets The Good Wife.
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