Monday, 19 November 2018

Book Review: As Good As Gold by Patricia Furstenberg.

***We received a copy of this title, from the author, in return for an honest review.***

Having read, and loved, Patricia's children's novel Joyful Trouble, we were more than happy to review her new collection of poetry and Haiku. Each of the 35 poems are written from a dogs perspective and delightfully explore the sights, sounds and smells they encounter. The collection is split into four parts: Questions, Colours, Musings and Haiku.

In Questions, we encounter inquisitive dogs who are fascinated with their surroundings. They have questions about other animals and different types of weather, and often ending with their 'humans' coming to rescue them from potential problems. In Why, Rain? a puppy escapes from the safety of the garden and, distracted by new experiences, he finds himself in a jam:

"And puppy cries, his feet are stuck,
He cannot cross this river;
He's cold and hungry and alone.
"I'll help you," speaks a small snail.
"I'll call your mom. Just wait a bit. I'm going."

In Orange, the joy of Christmas is seen through the eyes of a dog:

"It's weekend, there's such rumbling and they're all over the room,
Mom, Dad, the children... the grandparents too!
There are plenty of boxes, some open, some not
And there's something else, in the house, in a pot!
It doesn't make sense.
A tree indoors?

There are plenty of photos throughout the book, my only qualm being that perhaps younger children would enjoy pictures of the other animals and birds dotted throughout the collection. An owl, a frog, a snake. Kids love to see pictures when being read to.

This is a very cute addiction to a family library and the short poems are ideal for distraction or night-time reads. Who doesn't love puppies?

As Good As Gold is available in paperback and ebook format. Both can be ordered via amazon via links below:


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